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Glass garage doors for your home

Glass garage doors for your home
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Glass door technology is being used by many homeowners to turn garages into creatively designed rooms. Several designers/architects have either introduced the garage door aesthetic to the old rooms or have completely transformed existing garages into new, yet more stylish spaces. Today, there are several kinds of glass doors available in the industry. If you are planning to invest in a garage door for a modern use, insulated doors can render great impact on the curb appeal of your residence.

There is a large variety of garage doors you can choose from, including Amarr and Clopay, and these brands are a good place to start your hunt for styles.

Benefits of installing a glass door

  • Natural light can penetrate through the doorClopay and Amarr Garage Doors 24/7 Services
  • Adds value [Installing a glass garage door can escalate your home’s value by improving its overall design]
  • Demerits of a glass door
  • An added cost for modern opening
  • Increased expense to ensure proper insulation

Glass garage doors are widely used in residential projects today. Mostly, the doors are mechanized with a paneled design which incorporates a grid pattern dividing the entire glass sheet. As with windows’ aluminum frame, these grid patterns are fabricated using either wood or metal. The glass on garage doors is designed to be sturdy, tamper-resistant and comes in different opacity options.

Utilizing glass is considered as a preferred method for converting garages into nontraditional rooms and/or studios. They are more convenient when being used in unconventional spaces, because of their tidy and stylish looks and the fact that they serve as a giant window when closed, allowing in the natural light.

Sectional garage doors

One of the most commonly used forms of garage doors is the sectional, which is made up of different panels that can slide up and overhead. Sectional glass doors are popular because of its two main advantages over single panel doors;

  • Unlike single panel doors, sectional doors do not require any space outside the garage to open and/or close.
  • Each individual panel has a separate connection to the garage door tracks, improving firmness.

Single panel garage doors

Single panel garage doors are available in form of up-and-over doors. As the name implies, they tilt outward first, and then lift upwards. These form of glass doors align with the ceiling when open. They also require extra space outside the covered area for clearance. However, large doors, coupled with the elevation they reach, can turn them into a great method to keep air flowing through your entire house.

Swing hung doors

Carriage house doors/ Swing hung doors are one of the traditional styles of garage doors. Like single panel doors, these doors occupy extra space outside your garage for opening. However, having two panels enables the swing narrower. 

Swing hung doors are for appearances mainly. They are actually single-panel doors designed to look as two doors open outward, which works perfect for traditional residential set-ups. In order to create a perfect authentic look, these doors are installed with historically appropriate hardware [handles, hinges and screws]

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