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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Our technicians replace opener sensors

Same day hinge welding repair

Old things wear down and that's exactly what happened with our gate hinge welding. We decided to call an expert in gate repair and one of our friends recommended this superb company. Apart from their excellent gate service, we also appreciated that they responded at once. We didn't have to wait for weeks or even days for hinge welding repair. We didn't even have to wait for hours. The techs were in our house shortly after we made our phone call with full equipment and the knowledge to fix the problem. We will definitely recommend their service to our friends!

Broken gate parts replaced fast

After a very windy day, the gate wouldn't open. It was old but we didn't expect that it couldn't withstand a strong wind. We had no idea what was wrong and had to call Gate Repair company in Centerville. Some parts were broken. We needed to repair the gate motor and replace the chain. The technician reassured us that everything would be fixed within the day. He came over with supplies and got to work. The gate was fixed perfectly! He replaced the broken gate parts plus lubricated and maintained the entire system. He was awesome and so was his phenomenal work!

Great job installing my opener!

"I was tired of having to get out of the car to open and close my garage door in the freezing cold weather, so I bought a new automatic garage door opener online. I thought maybe my husband could install it. My husband said no way, he was not installing it! So I googled online and found this company. There were good reviews so I called and asked about installation. The price was okay, so I scheduled the service. The installer arrived and she did a great job. She even programmed the remote control that is built into my car! I'd definitely recommend this company!"

- Carol Kessel

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