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Use the following tips in order to enrich your knowledge and deal with garage door matters easier

Winter preparation for garage doors

Make sure the garage is well-insulated by using weather stripping and sealing every window and ventilation outlet. Decrease the opening and closing speed of the garage door by changing the setting of the opener. Buy a lubricant with anti-freeze property that will not affect the motor mechanism.

Garage door automation

Check its reversing mechanism by placing an obstruction for safety purposes. Also check the door’s electrical consumption when choosing a new one. When installed correctly, the door can be operated manually when the power is turned off. Make sure the door is noise-free so others won’t be bothered.

Don't risk your life with repairs

The most innocent garage door part can be dangerous if you don't know how to handle problems. Some are very sharp, some are heavy and some will snap. Injuries are hardly avoided when you interfere with garage door repairs and it's best to avoid from handling them on your own.

Remember the basics of door opener maintenance

Garage door maintenance for the electric door opener of an automatic door has to factor in the basics. These basics are the reversal test, force setting test, and the assessment of photoelectric eyes and edge sensors. All of these aim to test the safety of an automatically opening and closing garage door.

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